बुधवार, 22 अप्रैल 2015

a slap on the god.

Administration is most retractable thing in india specially for educational institutions.
They became an institution for minting money rather than a temple of knowledge.
In every educational institutions there is a need of strict administration to resolve problems which are often arises by ruffian students and local mobsters.
In every institution a group of disturbing elements always present to create hindrances for those students who are Innocent or outsiders.they are compelled to tolerate hooligans to keep their study well.
In our nation regionalism is one of the main social problem. Some time regionalism become a cause of quarrel. A person who is outsider has to face all discrimination and
Satires on linguistic bases.
Zonary students think that they have blessed with special privileges by mother earth to dominate extraneous. Police always boost them for doning so instead take appropriate action against them.
In my college a student slapped a teacher when he was scolded in class room, how much it was humiliating for him?
My college's disciplinary Committee didn't took any strict action againest the culprit. He regularly attend the college and my college allowed him to attain the classes.
The director of my college complained to disciplinary Committee for suspension of the offender but management always needs money rather than discipline. Management haven't any intention to punish perversity.
This is very common in every educational institutions. Teachers are disobeyed, they have lost their respect and reputation.
Girls are the nation maker's but they are abused, many students outrage their modesty, mobster who's direct approach with management often passed obscene comment on them.
College became open place for battle, quarrels are normal in college campus.
Security guards feel fear to do any action because of their own security, they Know very well what will consequences if they beats Zonary students.
I am very curious to Know which kind of heroics is to slap a teacher or To beat an Innocent student or to beat an outsider student and to do outrageous activities towards a college going girl?
Our college authorities can mint money easily but never earn respect from students who are victims of tolerance.
Making shirdi temple in college campus wouldn't help you to achieve a safe space in heaven.
In hindu methodology it is to be believed that a teacher is a guide of the path of the god that's why he deserve much more respect than god. A teacher is most respectable person on the earth but in my college situations are adverse.
If a teacher is slapped then god will automatically slapped. There is no need of temple so please vandalize it.
After spending four years in Meerut i came to realize educational institutions are established only for minting money, education is a mere breach of dreams of students who believes that college will make their future bright. College can frustrate you but nothing else.
shame on you culprits! You are the culprits of future of india.

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